Lighthouse Center for Biblical Studies


Dr. Vivian Butler Harrison, Chancellor & Dean

LMF-Center for Biblical Studies – An Accredited Bible Institute, Standards of Excellence in Christian Education, Monday Evening Classes – 8 Week Terms

Mark 16:15 – And He said unto them, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

PURPOSE – Lighthouse Ministries’ Vision is to teach and equip each student in the word and challenge them to come into that place that awaits them where they understand their calling, gifting(s), and anointing so that they may fulfill their PURPOSE IN THE KINGDOM OF OUR LORD. Here at LMF every student is a minister! Our desire is to provide the Atmosphere and Opportunity that will help you to discover the will & gifting(s) of the LORD for your life and develop that to Maturity (Ep. 4:12-15). Now is the season to prepare yourselves in order that you may write the vision for “Your Life” so that you may run (Hab. 2:2). DSM offers dynamic classroom instruction in vital Christian areas of leadership, practical theology, doctrine, Holy Spirit worship, and Apostolic/Prophetic ministry. Each class at DSM is designed to motivate, stimulate, challenge, and equip you for a more fulfilling and Christ-honoring life as a minister of God.


Resource Center facilities are open during school hours. Start now with determination to fulfill your God-given potential. We anticipate greeting you at Destiny School of Ministry.

Lighthouse Ministries, Center for Biblical Studies is an ‘EXTENSION’ campus of the Destiny School of Ministry of Roseville, Michigan, a Licensed and Accredited Bible Institute.

  • Diplomas & Certificates granted upon completion
  • Ministerial credentials available upon completion
  • Reasonable tuition rates
  • Racially non-discriminatory
  • A Challenging Chapel
    • Bible preaching
    • Corporate prayer
    • Special announcements
  • A Concession Center
    • Fellowship
    • Coffee & Sodas
    • Refreshments
    • Candies & Mints
  • A Resource Center
    • Supplies
    • Textbooks
    • Books & Pamphlets
    • Teaching Cassettes
    • For more information contact Dr. Harrison at: 256-764-0056, 256-577-5082 or email:


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