Women of Worth (W.o.W.)


“As we walk and are restored, we restore and show the worth of women’s heart and servitude to God.” I Samuel 1:1-20


This Ministry was birthed out of the God-given Vision of Apostle Laura M. Thompson. Overseen by Pastor Margaret Mullens

A Word from Pastor Margaret Mullens

Women of Worth are one of the largest auxiliaries in the church. We will cause the vision through God to become manifested through our work and servitude. Our desire is that this ministry will bless not only our church but God, Apostle and our community. They’re hurting, lost and frustrated women who do not know their worth, it becomes our job with the power and the Holy Spirit to cause restoration to come. Our desire is to change the stereotype or myth that women can’t get along, THESE WOMEN ARE ON FIRE FOR GOD!

We must remember faith without works is dead (James 2:26), so let’s get to work.

Women of Worth, let’s show every woman we come in contact with, whether in the grocery store or on social media, that they are more than awesome to God!!!!!

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